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Adding a Deck to the House

A Return…The House

We’ve added a deck as well as some much needed earth moving and planting to retain ground.  The guys doing the work (Appel Environmental Design and Durrie Design & Build, both in Ann Arbor) did fantastic work and it’s so great to work with someone who understands what your asking for and then makes it better. Here is a view… Read more →


Vinyl Numbers

There’s a lot of doors to our house and as you drive up it can be a bit confusing where to enter.  We haven’t had time and money to do any elaborate overhangs or neon lit runways to guide the visitor in, so in the meantime we decided to make some large numbers on our vinyl cutter for our preferred… Read more →


Moving on up. DeBord Residence Interior – Work in Progress

We apologize as we’ve been MIA for a bit.  Between moving, visitors checking out the new house, and the holidays we’ve been delinquent in sharing.  We are moved in though and thrilled with the new house.  The following are a few pics, but the full vision is many projects in the making.  We planned the house as a blank slate… Read more →

It’s Not Like It Was the Ghetto…

…we just happened to live across from a particularly active gang house in Chicago.  It was a nice lot with no house right next door so the sun really poured in and after living in dark floor through lofts, sunlight felt like a luxurious interior design accessory.   Having watched The Wire though, they couldn’t fool us.  We could easily see… Read more →


It’s a Beast

We pulled up to the house and both of us had the same feeling …is this terrible looking? We can’t tell, it’s so hard to be objective.  The project has been a continuous difficult compromise of budget, time, and building wishes.  It feels like a Frankenstein building as we tried to work around the existing structure.  Our design ideas such… Read more →

A Home...Almost

A Home…Almost

For the past few months the building of our house has felt more like a project or my job.  I have file folders, meetings, & spreadsheets rather than family dinners, hearths & hat hooks.  We have moved from the larger things like the slope of the roof and the footprint of the space to paint colors & doorknobs.  With Beechwood… Read more →

The Lost Art of Good Customer Service

Our house has turned out to be a project that we’ve designed ourselves.  We’re not architects, interior designers, or builders so we’ve relied on the guidance of the trades people our contractor works with.  Thanks be that Beechwood Building has a good team who have great customer service skills. The house turned from a small designer house to a large… Read more →


Excavating. It’s for Real.

I’m sure anyone who’s built is familiar with the little week delays here and there.  We ran against a permit issue while the addition was being reviewed but excavating began yesterday and it feels like construction is underway for real.  They’ll be digging out the 20’x40′ addition that will house our den, guest room and, most importantly, our studio. Read more →


DeBord House – Bidding Process

We are in the midst of the next stage of the process which is to decide on a builder. Johnsen Schmaling architects provided extremely detailed construction/bid plans. These won’t be the final construction drawings but gives all of the information for the builders selected (we chose 3 builders after meeting with 8, to continue with bids) to give a breakdown… Read more →


DeBord Residence Initial Plans

The first wave of plans and design concepts came in from our architects, Johnsen Schmaling, and this was not an easy request for them.  I know one builder kept recommending we just level the whole place and start new, but that wasn’t the approach we’re looking for.  Due to budget constraints, some of our “green” building dreams aren’t going to… Read more →


New House, Sort Of

As mentioned in the previous post, we have left Chicago and moved to Ann Arbor.  Here we’re close to both of our families and still an easy trip back to Chicago when we need an urban fix.  We purchased 3 acres on Ann Arbor’s northeast side.  The property boasts tons of gorgeous, huge trees and 1/3 of it if fully… Read more →