Christmas Decorations

Each year we wonder where to hang the stockings.  When I was downtown, I saw a cardboard fireplace in a shop and had to make one.  I took our boat, which has been floating around the house for a month or so now and turned it in to a “brick” fireplace.  The fire is a string of LEDs and a… Read more →


Needle Felted Cuteness

Kids have brought upon so much crafting that I never that I’d do, such as needle felting.  Many times I’ve had requests for things objects to be tiny.  Needle felting is easy & fairly economical (I buy small scraps of wool roving for a few dollars a piece at a local store or kool-aid dye what I need by a handful at… Read more →


Chickens Again

We completed a vegetable garden which got Zach got motivated to make a chicken coop.  Last time we had chickens we started with an Omlet Eglu Coop and two pullets and this time we decided to start with babies and a custom coop.  We picked up half a dozen 4 day old chicks on Memorial Day.  The kids are very excited… Read more →


Yo Gabba Puppets

Our daughter is crazy for Yo Gabba Gabba and she wanted to make a DJ Lance Rock sock puppet.  I threw in some “Gabba Friends” finger puppets.  Being crazy for packing thing in containers, she absolutely needed the radio box. So, a little felt and a little hot glue…. Read more →


Tiny Duct Tape Double

I’ve never been too pleased with the result of the duct tape douple, diy dress form method for myself.  However, for our daughter it worked out great.  Kids have so few curves and so much less fitting in clothes that this was perfect for making a little dress form.  It’s crazy how little our little person is when seeing the… Read more →


Carboy Fogponic Garden

The Carboy Fogponic Garden is a vertical growing system that uses an ultrasonic mister  and nutrient enriched water to keep plants at optimal humidity and temperature.  It’s geared toward the lazy grower.  Someone who likes the idea of fresh food, but not the dirt or time involved in growing.  Why can’t we fill the nooks and crannys around us with… Read more →


Sunday Studio Time: It’s a Homemade Christmas

It’s been over a year since having time in a studio. Every Sunday we used to spend 4-6 hours working together. We’re slowly getting things set up again and are making gifts for Christmas. This year we laser cut (of course) customized and personalized ornaments for our gifts. The star shape matches the wrapping paper. Kim banged out the matching… Read more →


The Crumbling House

The last month has been a whirlwind of waiting as our plans for renovating the house fall apart.  We had hoped the construction loan would be finalized the first of February and builder, bank and ourselves had seemed quite certain that it was progressing smoothly. Our builders even began light demolition (removing every mechanical and appliance down to the hookups)… Read more →


Demolition Begins

We were out our property today meeting with the tree trimmer. There’s a ton or work to be done on some massive trees so it’s nice to have the work done before our house is complete. We purchased our property and began the design process with our architects in August.  In November we had designs for builders to bid on. … Read more →


One-upping Martha Stewart

My sister-in-law requested a rhinestone collar for her beloved French Bulldog.  She had seen one that Martha Stewart did for her dogs and thought it would be the perfect holiday bling for Myrtle (her dog).  I checked out Martha’s tutorial and frankly thought the dangling rhinestones were a little tacky and was not willing to shell out close to $70… Read more →


DeBord House – Bidding Process

We are in the midst of the next stage of the process which is to decide on a builder. Johnsen Schmaling architects provided extremely detailed construction/bid plans. These won’t be the final construction drawings but gives all of the information for the builders selected (we chose 3 builders after meeting with 8, to continue with bids) to give a breakdown… Read more →


DeBord Residence Initial Plans

The first wave of plans and design concepts came in from our architects, Johnsen Schmaling, and this was not an easy request for them.  I know one builder kept recommending we just level the whole place and start new, but that wasn’t the approach we’re looking for.  Due to budget constraints, some of our “green” building dreams aren’t going to… Read more →


New House, Sort Of

As mentioned in the previous post, we have left Chicago and moved to Ann Arbor.  Here we’re close to both of our families and still an easy trip back to Chicago when we need an urban fix.  We purchased 3 acres on Ann Arbor’s northeast side.  The property boasts tons of gorgeous, huge trees and 1/3 of it if fully… Read more →