Fade to Future is the name under which we, Zach & Kim DeBord, work collaboratively. We’re improvers. We look for opportunities to make things better. This may be art, design, home improvements, or client’s needs. In this age of automation and technological streamlining, we see creativity becoming the most valuable skill a person can develop and, as always, a primary method of evolving culture and defining humanity. We hope to nurture and inspire the public’s creative self as well as our own.


Zach DeBord

Before JPGs could be used for the Web, Zach was designing for it.  He currently serves as Creative Director for Isobar, a global digital agency that builds experiences for Web, mobile, tablet, and other emerging technologies for the world’s largest organizations. In addition to his commercial work, he collaborates with Kim to maintain Fade to Future, their collaborative studio art practice where he explores his love for all things future, technology, and design.

zachdebord.com – Professional Portfolio

Kim DeBord

Kim is an artist and educator who works at the intersection of art, design & craft.  She attended University of Michigan earning a BFA in Fibers and Parsons School of Design for a degree in Fashion.  In 2006 she attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) as a Trustee Merit Scholar for an MFA in Fibers & Material Studies.  She has taught at SAIC, Columbia College and Lill Street Art Center in Chicago and the Ann Arbor Art Center.  She has also freelanced for many years in a variety of design media.  Her studio work has been internationally published and exhibited.

kimdebord.com – Professional Portfolio

Select Publications & Exhibitions
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art – Thessaloniki, Greece
Half Century Summit Conference – Baltimore, MD
Dynamo Project Space – Thessaloniki, Greece
Spoke – Chicago, IL
PopTech Conference – Camden, ME
Lill Street Art Center – Chicago, IL
ArtSpace – Raleigh, NC
Christopher Art Gallery – Chicago Heights, IL
Evanston Art Center – Evanston, IL
Woman Made Gallery – Chicago, IL
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery – Reno, NV
G2 – Chicago, IL
Johnsonese Gallery – Chicago, IL
McLean County Arts Center – Bloomington, IL
Madron Gallery – Chicago, IL
Art 44/46 – Chicago, IL