Splat Print



I used to make quilts for friends who are expecting but ever since we had our own kids and received a ton of blankets, I decided to gift slings instead.  They’re easy to make (much easier than a quilt) and it was one of the primary things we used for our kids.  I usually make a matching bib as well, though we really rarely used them.  It makes for a nice set.

Most recently our friends who have been, and still often are, our creative partners announced their pending bundle of joy.  He writes comic books and she’s a designer so I decided to print this speech bubble fabric.  I haven’t printed yardage of fabric in ages so I was looking forward to giving it another go.  It’s a really small pattern (only an 8″ repeat) that I did quickly as a paper cut stencil.  I made a little splat one off for the bib.  It’s on an organic black raw silk (that I washed hot and dried hot before printing to make sure it got most of its shrinkage out) and lined with an organic cotton in a baby poop blending green.


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