It’s ad hoc, but it covers.

The kids’ old tent bit the dust.  It’s fair, it was a hand me down that survived 4 kids (and 2 of them are seriously wild).  So, at 10pm I got it in my head we had to have a new one.  There was  a gaping hole in our living room and no home for all the stuffed animals.  So, this one went together extremely quickly.  I had some poles from banners I’d made for a Brecht play years ago (yes, a very minimal set). The poles were the perfect size to put together into 2 squares that pivot at their meeting point at the top.  The fabric has a hem stitched in either end that the bottom poles run through.
In the morning our daughter helped me to staple a window piece at the top (it helped keep the tent stable and not slide flat open) and we stitched the kids initials in.  It’s all very ad hoc but is working and was free.

(untitled)(untitled) (untitled)

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