Styrofoam Printing Plates

Our 3 yr old daughter has just learned to write her name and doesn’t yet have the patience to write it the 20 times needed for her school valentines.  So, we made a styrofoam plate of her name so she could print it repeatedly on paper hearts and it didn’t take her long to get the hang of rolling ink and pressing the print all by herself.

We used a styrofoam box from a take-out lunch, cardstock cut into hearts, washable finger paint, a brayer, something to roll ink on (a plate, a bigger piece of the styrofoam box, or even some scrap paper would work), scissors, and a soft pencil.

First she wrote her name with the soft pencil onto a piece of paper cut to the same size as a flat piece of the styrofoam.  She rubbed that face down on the styrofoam to transfer the name so that it was mirrored and then used a sharp point (e.g. a pencil) to press the letters into the styrofoam making an indentation.  She rolled paint onto the styrofoam plate and then rubbed it face down onto the card stock hearts.In the end, these were strung onto the recycled/melted crayon necklaces we made.

We’re saving all of our styrofoam from restaurants as it’s a really great project that even  our son at 20 mos can do.  He uses a chopstick to draw directly into the styrofoam and we roll washable paint together.

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