Laser Cut Leaf Pattern

The holidays bring out the crafty in us and this year we hosted Thanksgiving so we had to get extra fancy.  We wanted one big table so we used 2 pieces of plywood braced with 2×4’s.  We covered that with a layer of quilt bat followed by $1.99 white muslin.  To cover the seam down the middle we laser cut a leaf pattern runner.  On the ceiling we hung the starry lights from Restoration Hardware (one 100′ strand!) and our 3 yr old daughter and I laser cut snowflakes and sewed them in to garlands.

We sustained our first laser cutter fire when I tried to over do how many layers of fabric I cut through.  We both stood there staring at the fire holding a glass of water feeling hesitant to dump water or fire extinguisher on our machine.   I think we’ll have to fashion some sort of smother cloth.   Finally, Zach just grabbed the burning fabric and ran outside.

Download the free vector of the leaf pattern.  It’s only 6″ wide so you can use the eps file in both a laser cutter or vinyl/paper cutter.  I folded the fabric in 2 layers so that it mirrored and was double wide on the left side.

Download it here: Leaf Runner EPS

Leaf Runner Vector Art EPS

(untitled) (untitled) (untitled)


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