Tiny Duct Tape Double

I’ve never been too pleased with the result of the duct tape douple, diy dress form method for myself.  However, for our daughter it worked out great.  Kids have so few curves and so much less fitting in clothes that this was perfect for making a little dress form.  It’s crazy how little our little person is when seeing the form on a stand.  She loved the process which started with wearing one of my old tank tops and a quick duct tape wrap.  After marking lines for center back and front and horizontal marks for chest, waist, and hip we carefully cut up the center through both shirt and tape.  I have a vintage form stand from one of my grandmothers that we stood this on and stuffed.  It should work great and I’m reveling in this phase where she loves everything I make.  I’m sure the teen years are going to be much different.

(untitled) (untitled) (untitled)

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