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The Carboy Fogponic Garden is a vertical growing system that uses an ultrasonic mister  and nutrient enriched water to keep plants at optimal humidity and temperature.  It’s geared toward the lazy grower.  Someone who likes the idea of fresh food, but not the dirt or time involved in growing.  Why can’t we fill the nooks and crannys around us with delicious fresh food?

The goals of the project are:

  1. Minimize effort to home grow food
  2. Minimize water waste
  3. Minimize energy consumption of system
  4. Automate lighting, pH, nutrient uptake, heat and humidity
  5. Create a scalable grow system that can be produced from off the shelf parts
  6. Use only food safe materials including recycled plastics 1, 2 and 5

Using fog allows plant roots to rapidly absorb water and nutrients.  The mist naturally drains back into the water reservoir to be pumped back up again.  The fogger also generates heat and by only having the system on in bursts we can moderate the temperature and humidity of the system.  So far, a couple hours a day seems fine.

The carboy garden is a vertical garden that can grow anything, but was made specifically for growing tall vegetables like peas and tomatoes.  Eventually, the idea is to turn the whole garden system back and forth on a lazy susan and utilize a single light source.  There are plans for Arduino automation, Web integration, and other optimizations and applications to research and implement.

The next step is to cover the carboy as roots don’t like light, but the system seems to be keeping the plants healthy so far.

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Carboy Fogponic Grow Bot



Above: One of the initial sketches for the idea.

More Images on Flickr