Etched Bottles : 2011 Stock Gift

As I look back I realize we like to make a stock gift that we give everyone.  I think it may have started back in 2001 with a screenprinted totebag filled with home canned pickles and jams.  We had some nicely designed custom labels too.  One year we made everyone a quilt.  Z was in on the topstitching and obviously, I wasn’t terribly employed at the time and he was freelancing.  That was probably the high point followed by the low point being some miserable looking photo collages.  Last year we mined the family photo albums to make books using Blurb.  Here’s this years project.  We etched glass bottles with soap labels and filled them with Method soap refills.  This is something I’ve wanted around our house for some time.  We used our Silhouette cutter to make vinyl stencils and then used etching cream.  It’s good enough but if I were doing anything more than crafting I’d definitely want something that etched more deeply or was actually sandblasted.

Here’s our steps.  They were wrapped as Zach mentioned in the previous post, with muslin remnants and laser cut & etched tags.


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  1. Hey you guys… I am ALWAYS trying to find something new to do. I was reading through your posts last week and saw this. You put the bug under my skin… So much so, that I went out to Ikea to get a couple containers for presents. Normally I would try to use something I already had, but nothing was here and that bug needed to be squashed! I will send some photos along when I actually get around to doing the project. Thank you for planting the seed!

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