It’s a Roller Coaster…No, It’s a House!

DeBord Residence Cedar Back and Cement Board Side
DeBord Residence Cedar Soffet
  DeBord ResidenceDeBord Residence

It’s like being married to politician: sometimes you wish you could get out of it, you wonder how you got here, you wonder if it’s worth the spectacle, but it’s all the things that are hard and unique about it that make you love it.  Okay, I assume.  I’ve never been married to a politician (or even had a passing fancy) so I’m not an expert.

Well, we’re back to being extremely pleased and excited about the house.  As time passes (sure, it’s only been a week since we questioned everything and sank over some details) you can look past the nitty gritty.  We saw the cedar on the back of the house yesterday and our love was renewed.  It also helps that our stuff, that’s been in storage in Chicago for a year and a half, will be delivered next week.  If all goes well (inspections, water tests, a lack of delays because of the opening of hunting season etc.) we move in next week.

In addition to the cedar, the countertops are in.  We went with a quartz (white and gray marble look) in the kitchen and a granite remnant in the bathroom.  The granite has flecks of greenish and gold to pick up the greenish in the floor tile and the maple cabs.

The flooring is also in.  It’s a prefinished, stained white bamboo.  It’s hard to find wood flooring that isn’t very warm toned (especially when you’re looking for under $3 / sq ft) but we’re still really happy with it.  The walls are a warm white and picks up the warm tones nicely.

The lighting is also in, though it’s less thrilling as it’s mostly place holder lights as that seemed like a good place to save money and easy to upgrade down the road.

We’re looking forward to sharing the *mostly* completed project next week.


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  1. It “looks” like you guys. I love it. It’s kind of like giving birth – totally sucks going through it but so worth it in the end. You’ve just had a very long labor! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Now comes the FUN part! So glad for y’all. We’ll be there after Thanksgiving. I hope to get to see it.

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