It’s a Beast

Front Face Nearing Completion
We pulled up to the house and both of us had the same feeling …is this terrible looking? We can’t tell, it’s so hard to be objective.  The project has been a continuous difficult compromise of budget, time, and building wishes.  It feels like a Frankenstein building as we tried to work around the existing structure.  Our design ideas such as windows roof heights, materials etc. kept getting reduced and reduced.

It’s hard to keep an eye on the prize as our builder walked us through cuts and edits.  We wanted to get the footprint down and interior working in the right flow to provide the space we needed for studio/work, guests, kids etc. That in mind, I think we did pretty well. We can’t help but wonder what we can do to make the exterior front flow more naturally into the environment and look a bit more balanced. I know, first we need to get moved in, settled and refinanced.  At a build price of less than $100 per sq ft we must remember that this is house 1.0 and we couldn’t do it all right now.

However, if you’ve got a great idea for improving the front exterior, we’re all ears.

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  1. Funny you should mention…way back in the architect’s plan (which, by the way, was over double the cost per sq ft) they had designed a big house number in neon. See, you’re thinking like a pro. I’m not against this ivy idea though.

  2. This is a view that I see more frequently than anyone. I live across the street. And, it looks fine to me. If you want to soften the facade, plant material is one answer. Is there any soil between the driveway and the house? If not, could you cut away some asphalt to make a place for growing something? This area gets southern/southeastern exposure so you have lots of options. I would plant a fruit tree(s) as growing food is my passion. Or a small vegetable garden. I’d ask some questions before growing ivy on the concrete siding you have. I’m afraid that the tendrils would insert themselves into the concrete and between the joints. Your home and landscaping will likely always be a work in progress (as ours is). I look forward to watching it evolve.

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