A Home…Almost


For the past few months the building of our house has felt more like a project or my job.  I have file folders, meetings, & spreadsheets rather than family dinners, hearths & hat hooks.  We have moved from the larger things like the slope of the roof and the footprint of the space to paint colors & doorknobs.  With Beechwood Building putting more and more details in place, it’s feeling more like a home and the anticipation builds.

We used Hardi panels on the exterior, front & side faces of the house.  Between these are anodized aluminum Tamlyn trim.  Seeing it on the front of the house finally unites the original structure and the addition and gives us a real sense of the final look.  The under soffit is a dark stained cedar that will be repeated vertically on the back two walls.  The color is similar to bark and we hoped the back of the house would really mimic the verticality of the many huge trees in the yard.

It’s been a flurry of activity each time I visit, with the framers working on the exterior and the painters, trim guy, tile guy, flooring guy, concrete guys etc. inside.  It makes me feel downright important though I am put in check by my overwhelming anticipation and anxiety.

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