Dry Walls


above: Back of the house to be clad in a vertically running cedar IMG_9543

above: Our studio.  The door to the right goes out to the driveway.IMG_9526above: The stairwell down to the front door.

IMG_9525 above: Soon to be our kitchen.  The far wall will be the run of cabinets and appliances.


above: Family room.  The far wall next to the stairs will be our entertainment nook. 
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It’s been just over a year and we’ve officially owned our property through all of the seasons.  It doesn’t disappoint as each season has brought it’s surprises.  The beautiful colors of fall are accentuated by the straight lines of our house.
We are to the dry wall stage and by the end of the week we’ll officially be white walls.  When we first took this on and thought we needed an architect or designer, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of having to choose every detail of the house down to door handles and lights but as we finish up the exhilarating step of paint colors I look back and am glad to have done it.

It’s starting to really feel like our home and not just a project.  After getting the build schedule, I could just focus on each step and soon we’ll see those lights go in and the paint go on.  While said architect or designer may have some critiques, as do we for ourselves, we are still extremely pleased with the result.  I don’t think there are any major things that we’d change and my biggest concern, the interior space, turned out really well. I was worried about ending up with some energy sucking spaces, a quality that is intangible but nearly impossible to fix.  Instead the bump outs, angles, light direction etc. that were surprises due to the openness of our plan and our inexperience have been worked in nicely and many are lovely details to our minimal style.  This we can credit our builder.

So we hold our breath for the exterior cladding look and hope all those many decisions we made continue to please.


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