The Lost Art of Good Customer Service

Hanging Ball Light

Our house has turned out to be a project that we’ve designed ourselves.  We’re not architects, interior designers, or builders so we’ve relied on the guidance of the trades people our contractor works with.  Thanks be that Beechwood Building has a good team who have great customer service skills.

The house turned from a small designer house to a large self designed space.  This was a decision made mostly because of bank appraisals but I think it’s turning out to be a good one.  We have opted to put our money into getting the space defined and well built and then going cheap on things like light fixtures, cabinet doors, etc.  Things that are easily upgraded later and leaves us room to be creative with materials and decor.

We’ve been working Nicki Wilson who is co owner of iT…The Boutique in Ann Arbor. She does major lighting design, is talented, knowledgeable, forthcoming, and experienced.  And while we scale back our lighting to bare bulbs in some places, she’s been totally cool to work with and saving us from making big mistakes in where to go cheap and where to invest.  She’s worked for us as if we were important and has never tried to pull a sales trick on us to get us to spend more.  She’s been super thoughtful as to our needs, taste and timeline.  In a world where sales people are often rude, poorly spoken, and hanging out and talking to co-workers about how drunk they got the night before, great customer service stands out is greatly appreciated.

The thumbnail pic is the Artemide Sphera light.  The one pretty light we’re thinking of buying.  Other bare bulbs we plan to make our own shades for.


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