Our Timeline Tattoo Design

Our Timeline Tattoo

Now that we’re mid way through life we thought we might have the good sense to choose a tattoo for ourselves we’ll be happy with for the long haul. Maybe it will kick off the start of a sleeve and end with a full body dragon tattoo.

Anyway, we wanted something simple and small for our wrists. Neither of us wear our wedding rings because they constantly seem in the way of working with your hands and can be a pain to take on and off. The top ring is inspired from our physical wedding rings we designed and never wear. However, it’s better than a real ring because it has a date next to it so we don’t forget when our anniversary is (mental note: before permanently engraving this on our bodies make sure that date is right).

The second dot with the leaf in it is for our daughter Sylvia (of the trees), and the last dot with the stripes is for Beckett (of the bees).

Never forget those import dates again!

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