Nearly a Year of Demolition, Oh, and We Rotated the Stairs

DeBord Residence Rehab Remove Windows and Trees

Gutted House and Stairs Rotated

For almost a year we’ve been sitting on our property reworking plans trying to get to something we could afford. Over that period our builder gutted the inside and rotated the stairs. We had few choices in where we could put the stairs and this was one thing we knew was going to change. The drywall, insulation, floors, tile, you name it, down to the studs interior of the house is ready to go.

We’re removing a tree in the back yard to prepare for excavating, which is supposed to start this week as well. We’re saving all of the large pieces of wood for reuse later. We’ve talked about everything from siding to a kitchen island counter top. We’ll see how things shake out.

There are a couple decent dual pane windows and a bunch of original windows we’re saving as well. The current plan is to build a greenhouse with them some day.

It’s exciting to see activity after waiting for so long.

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