DeBord Residence Elevation Drawings

DeBord Exterior Elevation West

DeBord Exterior Elevation South

DeBord Exterior Elevation North

DeBord Exterior Elevation East

The next step after making a floor plan is to figure out what your house is going to look like on the outside. The light tan parts of the house will be 4×10 sheets of smooth HardiePanel. Sheets will be lined with an aluminum trim on all sides and have a recessed trim corner.

Dark parts of the house will be clad with cedar. The all cedar side of the house is our private backyard space with adjustable pedestal so that we can make any necessary fixes without having to incur major damage or expenses, while the rest of the house maintains a more modern feel with the concrete panels. We were able to find a nice blend of style and price by combining all of the materials. The aluminum trim is not only an aesthetic choice, but a functional one. We saw lots of examples of bowing corners on concrete sheets and are hoping this will both help hold things in place and provide an extra layer of protection for the edges which can be prone to absorbing water.

The roof will be glad in a white commercial membrane. White is cheaper and will also help reflect light and heat back in the summers. The low pitch and commercial coating should make parts of the house good for a future rooftop deck…someday.

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