How to Make a Baby Log Book

How to Make a Baby Log Book

We are readying ourselves for baby 2.0.  Shortly after our first kid was born I scrambled to make a little log book to keep track of her intake, output and sleep.  We had started with an iphone app but it just wasn’t as easy to us as old fashioned pen and pad – quick to review, easy to break out of the grid to make notes and handy for all caretakers (e.g. gram & gramps) to record in.

So, I’m making a little classier version for baby 2.0.  Here’s a pdf of the pages for you should you want to make your own or one for a gift and the steps to construct:


Print the pdf on letter size paper.  (I did 10 sheets) Check how your paper loads and subsequently prints and then flip the pages over and print again so you have the grid on the front and the back.  It should print so that when you fold the paper, the grid is right side up on the bottom half of the page.  You could print it again so that it’s on the top and bottom, but I like having the space for writing notes about health, dr. appts. diet etc.

Take your stack of pages and fold them in half, if you have a bone folder it works nicely for a good crease.

To make the cover I like to bond fabric to cardstock to make some cheap, decorative book cloth.  I use heat n’ bond, a double sided iron on fusible to do the job quickly.  I chose a “masculine” wool suiting left over from pants I made for Zach (we’re having a boy) and quickly stitched his name on the front.  Iron the fusible to the fabric, peel away the paper and iron the fused fabric to cardstock.

Fold the cover in half and stack with the pages.  You can use bookbinding thread or just use whatever thread you have around just run it several times through a hunk of beeswax and keep a double thread.

Starting in the center of the crease stitch with large stitches toward one end.  I used 1.2″-1″ stitches.  Wrap around the end and come back, going past center stitch toward the other end.  Come back to the center and you should end up where you started.  Tie the ends of the thread in a knot.

Finally, fold the book shut and trim the sides and bottom with a sharp x-acto knife.

Tada.  Start logging those poops!

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