Demolition Begins

Demolition We were out our property today meeting with the tree trimmer. There’s a ton or work to be done on some massive trees so it’s nice to have the work done before our house is complete.

We purchased our property and began the design process with our architects in August.  In November we had designs for builders to bid on.  We decided on Beechwood Builders in Chelsea/Ann Arbor Michigan and we are so happy with our team.  So far Beechwood has been great to work with i.e. organized, knowledgeable & informative.  They have green building knowledge and have genuinely been excited about the project.

Demolition Demolition

With both architects and builders moving swiftly and efficiently we still find ourselves nearly 6 months later just beginning the construction (or deconstruction rather).  The demolition is preliminary as we wait for the construction loan to finalize.  However, we’re THRILLED to have some physical action begin.


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