Makerbot 2.0 Thingomatic Added to Our Arsenal

Makerbot 2.0 Thingomatic

Makerbot 2.0 Thingomatic

Makerbot 2.0 Thingomatic Test Prints

We enter the new year with an exciting addition to our studio. The Makerbot 2.0 (a.k.a. Thingomatic) prints in ABS plastic (think Legos) from 3D models generated on the computer. So far, we’re impressed with what can be done from home. Although the machine can’t print what’d I’d consider to be a final product, it’s great for rapid prototyping. I modeled a test robot with a cavity inside to store electronics. The print had tight enough tolerance that the lid snaps on and off with just the right amount to stick.

More to come. Many thanks to Mr. Julius and his help taking care of a needy Makerbot.

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