Fade to Future 2011


With our relocation to Ann Arbor, MI from Chicago and the adjustments in both our personal and creative lives that comes with leaving an urban environment and adding kids in to the mix, we’ve been taking stock of what we’re hoping to accomplish in our studio practice.

We’ve really focused upon the connection of craft, design and economy of exchange and while we brew upon some larger endeavors we’re hoping to exemplify some of the concepts of independent design and home production.  We’re excited by how attainable manufacturing equipment (in more of a hobbyist form) has become and aim to use these while exploring the trends in person to person exchange made possible and popular by the internet.

We also hope to share more of our personal projects as we come to focus on the construction of our new house which will inevitably lead to lots of home & garden projects (dying to get back to keeping chickens) and the addition of a daughter and expected son keep us up to our elbows in crafts.

So, in 2011 keep an eye out for a new shop on etsy.com and lots of free downloads like posters, vectors, patterns etc.

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