DeBord House – Bidding Process

We are in the midst of the next stage of the process which is to decide on a builder. Johnsen Schmaling architects provided extremely detailed construction/bid plans. These won’t be the final construction drawings but gives all of the information for the builders selected (we chose 3 builders after meeting with 8, to continue with bids) to give a breakdown on costs and final building price based on the given drawings. We’ll have some changes before the end but we’re hoping to keep this fairly streamlined and are so glad we chose the architects that we did. Because Johnsen Schmaling have a design aesthetic that very much matches what we’re looking for, we feel like they’ve done a ton of leg work to find finishes, appliances, materials etc that suit us and our budget. Had we worked with one of the local architects that didn’t quite build in our style, I think we would be doing a lot more work for ourselves to research all of these elements and vendors that we like. I also think it would have led to more changes and surprises in the price.

Color option for exterior of DeBord House Bid Set for DeBord house rehab - detailed floorplan Bid Set for DeBord house rehab Bid set drawings - interior elevation detail Fixture recommendations for DeBord House Color & Material Palette for DeBord House

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