Exhibition in Greece


I’m a little behind in posting as we’ve been working on a big move this summer  (which we’ll be logging more info about to follow) and have been overwhelmed with these personal projects.  However, this past spring I participated in a really new exhibition experience titled Push the Envelope with a group of Chicago and Greek artists.  The physical exhibition took place at the Dynamo Project Space in Thessaloniki and the real guts of the project unfolded on the Push the Envelope website.  The exhibition opened with a preview of work by all of the participating artists.  Then over the months of April and May the 13 artists participated in group discussions over Skype headquartered at Dynamo and Spoke (in Chicago).  The talks included guest moderators and opened up a lot of unexpected discussion.  The physical space underwent additions and adjustments based upon these discussions and closed with a collaborative exhibition effort on May 14th.

Most of the group has reconvened and are in the process of further Skype discussions to mount an exhibition in response to the first project.  This collaborative effort has expanded as many members have moved.  We are now scattered across the midwest, both east and west coast, Mexico, temporarily China, and Athens in addition to Thessaloniki and Chicago.  The show will be held at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art from the end of October to the end of November.  So should you find yourself in Greece…

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