Helioforms in Troika’s Digital by Design

We were contacted a year ago to contribute examples of our Helioforms to the new book (almost tome) from Troika titled Digital by Design.  It looks really great and many of the artists/designers in the book are very inspiring.  The Dezeen blog has several images if you’re interested in the book and it’s available for pre-order on Amazon.  If you’re interested in our Helioforms, which are examples of BEAM robots, then check out our flickr sets.  There’s actually a few sets there of a wide variety of bots.

We also used the BEAM method to build accessories for our photos The Noetical Succsession.

Helioforms in Troika's Digital by Design

Helioforms in Troika's Digital by Design

Helioforms in Troika's Digital by Design

The book featured only some of the 30-40 bots we created.













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  1. Hi Kim/Zach,

    I am an industrial designer researching robotics and flight. I discovered your website and developments of winged robots originally through the Make blog. I am particularly interested in your helioforms, as I am trying to develop mechanisms for simple flight, as in a butterfly, and would love to learn more if possible please mate.
    I am based in Sydney, Australia and would greatly appreciate any further assistance please, considering I am not actually highly skilled in electronics/robotics required for such an achievement.

    Warm regards, and eagerly look forward to you getting in touch please.
    Jack Michael

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