Chicken Update

Zach convinced me not to build a new coop and just do some winterizing of the Eglu we currently have. We’ve debated keeping the chickens as we’re not naturally on a “farm” like schedule so it’s required some adjustment of our daily routine and our small yard required regular clean up. We’ve had to really mouse-proof things like the food and some of the straw and such in the garage. Poop cleanup is going to be a little more laborious this winter as we have to shut off the outdoor faucets. It’s definitely getting cold out there so we’ve put bales of hay around the house, covered the run with plastic and a heat safe ceramic lamp is on its way from Amazon. The longer we hang out with them though, the less they seem like a “project” and the more attached we’re getting to them. They’re actually pretty endearing and champion-like egg layers. See the original post on the hens.

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